The Western Health & Racquets Club is a sports venue in Glasgow, UK. Originally solely a tennis club, the business has grown to include squash, a gym and other activities. The overarching club brand reflects its tennis heritage, which had been causing confusion if the club was communicating around squash or gym activities.


To unite all the different aspects of Western Health & Racquets Club under a unified, modern branding campaign that evokes the strong community feel of the Club. It needed to reflect the fun, family and community focus of the Club.



Using the phrase 'We Are Western' to encapsulate the strong community, supportive, team ethic and the pride in being a 'Westerner'. The different aspects of the Club have their own colours as well as a green logo for the Club as a whole. The hashtag #WeAreWestern is used across all social media content. Bright, bold colours were used to distinguish between aspects of the Club's activities.


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3/1 81 Oban Drive

Glasgow, G20 6AD, UK

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